Food, Drink and the Man Boob Connection

Monday, November 26, 2012

Man boobs, or moobs as it is sometimes referred as, is the exceptionable development of breasts in a male. This can be from a amount of capricious factors. One such agency is the aliment and drinks that a man chooses to abode central his mouth. In society, men are generally beheld as the 'meat and potato' eaters of the world. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can advance to the development of man boobs over time.

While man boobs can advance in any macho age group, the a lot of accepted one is men in the 40 to 50 year old age range. On the whole, man boobs are artlessly blubbery tissue deposits that do not go away. This can explain the actualization after on in a man's life. Aliment and cooler burning over time increases estrogen levels in the macho body. Left untreated, the breast tissue hardens and becomes a cocky admire affair for males. It is difficult for a man to feel adorable to associates of the adverse sex with the development of man boobs on his chest. In turn, abounding women do not acquisition this to be an adorable affection in a man either.


Several aliment sources are affiliated to the addition of man boobs. At the top of this account are meat products. The contagion comes not so abundant from the meat itself but from the meat source, i.e. cows. Abounding meat assembly plants inject beasts with advance hormones in adjustment to activate the advance aeon of the cow. A bigger cow leads to added money in meat products. A majority of that advance hormone bang is abounding with estrogen. In a man who is a huge meat eater, this can could cause a problem. Especially if that man is aswell overweight. The assimilation of estrogen abounding meat will access the akin of estrogen activate in a macho body. As this estrogen akin increases the physique reacts in a accustomed way by bearing man boobs. In some cases, this can even advance to the beard of milk from the continued breast tissues.

Soy is addition artefact that should be abhorred whenever possible. In a bean form, soy contains assertive levels of bulb estrogen. Levels of soy bulb estrogen can not accomplish a authentic estrogen behavioral or cerebral acknowledgment in the body. However, the physique can be bamboozled by bulb estrogen into cerebration it is in fact accepting authentic estrogen. With the activity of this in a system, the physique is traveling to aftermath accustomed estrogen inducing results, i.e. man boobs.


Virtually every man brand to bang aback and accept a beer with his buddies every already in awhile. This is not adverse in balance but it can be something that contributes to the development of man boobs if it goes unchecked. The assumption is simple. Beer bubbler lowers the levels of testosterone in the macho physique and increases the levels of estrogen which is a changeable hormone.

For a brace of drinks on an casual base with the boys, this will prove to accept no continued appellation effect. However for a macho who has a decidedly top beer assimilation level, over time the estrogen levels will abide to physique in the body. As this occurs, the physique will activate to amusement this top akin appropriately by developing breast tissue. The end aftereffect is man boobs.

The development of man boobs is not bound to beer intake. Booze in general, if captivated in ample quantities, can aswell play a role in development. As alcoholic beverages are ingested, testosterone levels alpha to abatement aural the body. Ingredients in the booze mix with the physique chemicals to forward estrogen levels on the rise. Over time, the physique can not actuate that the estrogen levels are advancing from booze intake. The end aftereffect is exceptionable man boob development.

Recreational Drugs

Engaging in the recreational use of marijuana can aswell advance to the development of man boobs. The alive additive in this biologic is TCH which is a testosterone suppressant. With annihilation to physique up testosterone levels, the physique will by itself about-face to estrogen production. Fat deposits abide to abound and eventually about-face into the development of man boobs.


The attendance of man boobs is rapidly accretion in society. There is not the stigma absorbed to it today as there was several years ago. Candy aliment absolutely plays a role in this. Added and added of our aliment articles are over candy with chemicals. Booze burning is on the acceleration as well. Abounding men are not traveling to accord up the 'meat and potato' appearance of eating. So as with annihilation abroad in life, aliment and cooler burning in balance is the key to preventing the exceptionable development of man boobs.